2023-2024 Budapest Art Mentor
2019-2020 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Fine Arts teacher major
2013-2018 University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts, Painting major
2012-2013 Kaposvár University, Faculty of Arts, Painting major
2007-2012 Török Pál Vocational and Applied Arts High School, Glassmaker
Independent exhibition
2021. Sex shop, Diamond Erotic center, Budapest
2021. Erotic center, Godot Laboratory, Budapest
2020. Rhythm of wood, Artisjus Hungarian Copyright Office, Budapest
Group Exhibitions
2023. Cults of immortality, M.11. Galéria, Budapest
2023. Women XXI. Changes in female ancestral images in the 21st century,
Selection from the Kacsuk Collection, Vasary Gallery, Kaposvár
2023. Storytelling Artists, 1111 Galéria, Budapest
2023. KOL-LABOR '23, Godot Institute of Contemporary Art, Budapest
2023. Outbreak // Outbreak, Nyolcésfél Gallery, Budapest
2022. "Glass mountain from here, 70 years later", FISE Gallery, Budapest
2022. MTRM ART FAIR, MTRM Gallery, Budapest
2022. 68th Vásárhely Autumn Exhibition, Alföldi Gallery, Hódmezővásárhely
2022. 7. Godot Art Expo, Godot Institute of Contemporary Art, Budapest
2022. KOL-LABOR '22, Godot Labor, Budapest
2022. IX. Self-Portrait Biennale, Csili Cultural Center, Budapest
2022. Southern Balaton contemporary art exhibition, Szólád
2022. Contemporary Art Fair and Exhibition, Székesfehérvár Community and 
Cultural Center, Székesfehérvár
2021. Kol-Labor'21, Godot Laboratory, Budapest
2021. Windows facing each other // What connects, Rippl Galéria, Kaposvár
2021. Won't we be a colony?, Három Holló Gallery, Budapest
2021. Windows facing each other // What connects, KKK - Kanizsai Cultural
Center, Nagykanizsa
2021. Windows facing each other // What connects, Csontváry Museum, Pécs
2021. Fictitious exhibition, Godot Laboratory, Budapest
2020. Kol-Labor, Godot Labor, Budapest
2020. Vad Art 13,The Studios, Budapest
2019. South Balaton Contemporary Art Workshop, Szólád
2019. Time/Image, MANK Gallery, Szentendre
2019. Exit, Polly Galery, Karlsruhe, Germany
2018. Prímek Primissima, Lajos Vajda Studio, Szentendre
2017. Kepesita Collection 2017 Expelled, Eleven Blokk, Budapest
2017. Disaster, Sezstina Gallery, Debrecen
2017. Sustainability Day 10., Akvárium Klub, Budapest
2017. Holy Matrix, Kisfaludy Gallery, Balatonfüred
2017. Fundamenta-Amadeus Creative Scholarship, Nádor Gallery, Pécs
2017. 13. National Scientific Student Conference, M21 Gallery, Pécs
2017. Primek Primissima, Yurtazuhany Gallery, Debrecen
2017. Along the sun road, ReneSound Gallery, Pécs
2017. Glass SZAK-MA, FISE Gallery, Budapest
2017. Ernő Tolvaj tender, Nádor Gallery, Pécs
2016. How can the social acceptance and catch-up of people with 
disadvantages and disabilities be promoted, and the creation of equal 
opportunities? , A38 Hajó Gallery, Budapest
2016. The one-day enhanced operational service, Nádor Gallery, Pécs
2016. Distance - land between cities, Studio Gallery, Budapest
2016. Essence, Széphárom Gallery, Budapest
2015. Artist colonies in the Gyimóthy villa, Nádor Gallery, Pécs

2015. Orpheus operetta visual design, Kodály Center, Pécs
2015. Magical Hunter operetta design, Kodály Center, Pécs
2020. 4. Godot Art Fair award, II. Award
2018. New National Excellence Program (ÚNKP)
2018. Student Loan Center Zrt. Painting, graphic and photography 
competition, III. fee
2018. 13.National Scientific Student Conference, II. fee
2017. Break in the desk program participation, Córdoba
Friday culture date with artist Gabriella Tétényi, Kultú, interview by Katica Kocsis, 2022.
Zsálya Havadi- Nagy: "It was a blushing experience under the mask" - we went to an exhibition in a sex shop
We visited Gabriella Tétényi's exhibition entitled Sexshop in a sex shop,, Zsálya Havadi-Nagy, 2021.
Balcony. 2020/ 5th contemporary art magazine, Budapest. address: Birth lies Megh., © Photos: Ferenc Eln inside express | GABRIELLA TÉTÉNYI: Zsolnay factory | Kol-Labor; Godot Laboratory, September 31 - November 29, 2020